Adam Lancia




Adam Lancia is an abstract pop artist from Toronto, Canada. Accepted to the Art Gallery of Ontario's "Young Artists Incubator" at age seven, to then graduating with a BA in Fine Arts at OCAD U, Lancia has incorporated all of his painting and illustration skills into the work he has been creating. His paintings have been sold to many clients in Canada, the U.S., and Europe. Adam's celebrity paintings have also been liked and shared on social media by "Maroon 5", actresses "Tiffany Haddish, Lucy Hale", internationally known DJ "Chantel Jeffries", internationally known models "Yovanna Ventura, Julia Kelly, Sophia Miacova, Melinda London, Sophi Knight, Chelcie May" and internet star "Roy Purdy".

Adam Lancia exposes what real life means today and how social media dictates other's interpretation of what we curate as our "real lives". His work reinterprets pop art and uses washes of color and detailed line work to create compositions that reveal the layers of messaging and content we are bombarded with every day. Through this process, he attempts to reveal a manufactured reality.


"I met Adam a few years ago at a local art fair and fell in love with his work. He has a very special story and all works he produces are created with his vision impeded. Since 2007, Adam has dealt with very rare cases of cracked/detached retinas in both eyes causing him to go blind. This happens from too much blood flow in the back of the eyes causing the front of the eye to separate from the back. All the procedures/ surgeries throughout the years have helped Adam not to go fully blind but have caused little holes to form in his eyes that don’t seem to close. These holes allow more light to pass through at a faster rate causing a strobe effect of light in his eyes that Adam constantly sees, even when he closes his eyes. So while he paints/creates, Adam has two strobe lights in his right eye and one in his left partially blinding his central vision."