Novi Lim



Novi Lim is a Contemporary Indonesian-American Artist. She uses art as a therapeutic way for a moment to be in her own element, as a safe haven from the world. She delves into the depth, immerses, and transports herself to an imaginary place where she lets go of her subconscious.



“I embrace the flow of motion that comes instinctively and the layering process that is systematic and careful. It's important for me to retain the spontaneous quality while having the composition premeditated. I want to evoke the noir mood of melancholy, strength, opulence, and nostalgia in my paintings. At the core, I am more interested in the sensorial and experiential aspects of feelings and processes. It is a collaborative event of constructing my vision and letting go of inhibition in the pursuit of balance and harmony. I employ several different techniques to achieve the visual effects that I like, atmospheric use of contrasting light and dark, transparency, a fluid thread of colors, and line work like to work with mostly acrylic, pastel, and enamel.”