Sarah Sky

Sarah Sky Abstract Guatemala artist Kefi Art Gallery


Sarah Sky (1986) is a visual artist who was born in France, studied Literature in New York, and now lives in Guatemala. She considers herself a nomad, and her art is heavily influenced by the countries she has called home - the earth tones of Moroccan pottery, the pop art and fashion models of New York, and the vibrant colours of Guatemalan street markets Those places have shaped her as an artist and continue to influence her work. Among her notable achievements is her debut in JUANNIO 2020, one of the most important art auctions in Latin America, where her piece tripled in price.


Sarah is a predominately abstract artist obsessed with movement. Her works are medium to large scale and explore the contrast between order and chaos, between the organic and the geometric. She employs various elements such as texture, opacities, layering, and paint drip techniques, which speak to the beauty and chaos of being alive. Her most recent collection, Memories of Glass, is made up of works in pastel tones and relies heavily on water stain techniques - an allusion to the passage and unpredictability of time. Her current collection, The Blue Period, explores the depths and expanse of emotion through a series of largely monochromatic works in a romantic palette.

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