Amanda Wand


Amanda Wand is an abstract painter based in Toronto. She has her BA in Sociology with a minor in Visual Arts from Western University. She is from a large family and always been interested in people and how they connect with each other leading her to a career as a motivational speaker and facilitator. She worked in the non-profit sector with a focus on youth leadership development for several years before moving into art full-time. Amanda has delivered speeches and workshops to over 100,000 people globally on a range of social justice topics. She has a big heart for humanity and all of these experiences have influenced and shaped her creativity. She has been making vibrant and colorful abstract paintings for over 16 years and has exhibited in group shows at galleries in New York City and Toronto.


Amanda's artwork can be defined as a vulnerability in colour. As an empath, her work is heavily influenced by how people treat themselves and others. It explores concepts of connectivity, identity, and self-worth. Her artwork is uniquely honest and as an intuitive painter, she surrenders to her flow and creates what she needs to feel. Amanda uses bright colours, and large strokes varying between softness and elements of texture in her creations to explain universal feelings that sometimes cannot be expressed with words. She is inspired by light reflections, nature, and vivid colour. Her work represents a range of emotions that she invites viewers to observe abstractly and feel intuitively.


Amanda's work is bright, energetic, and uplifting. I truly believe that greater creativity breeds greater happiness and I can see that for Amanda the creative process is itself a source of joy. Her work invites the viewer to feel art, to put together the puzzle of what the artist was feeling in the process of creation based on the visual clues as well as the titles Amanda assigned to her paintings.