Gail Blima



Toronto-based artist Gail Blima uses the power of language to make a statement and draw out emotion. First introduced to art at a very young age by her father, he taught her about shading, perspective, and landscape compositions. Gail is a graduate of The International Academy of Merchandising and Design in Interior Design. She is a full-time artist living and exhibiting in Toronto and her works are held in private collections in Toronto, London, Gravenhurst, Montreal, St-Lazare, NYC, Montclair-NJ, and Hangzhou-China.


“My current body of work was inspired by my two sons’ love of superheroes. By layering vibrant acrylic accents over a collage base and incorporating the written word, I connect the audience to cultural references that are ironic, humorous, or directed from pop culture. The first thing people notice about my art is the clear-cut message. I want to convey a feeling of empowerment, optimism, and positivity through my paintings.”