Jodi Chapnik


Jodi Chapnik is a fine art photographer constantly watching, analyzing, and absorbing what is happening around her in order to consciously create majestic masterpieces. To get inspired, she enjoys traveling the world and finding unique subjects and moments to capture for eternity. For over 25 years, Jodi Chapnik has been using her keen eye for detail to create awe-inspiring art. Her ever-evolving photography collection of landscapes, unique portraits, and close-up object imagery invite people to explore the infinite stories behind her work. Available in limited editions, Chapnik’s photographs have been shown at various galleries and venues across Canada and her works are held in private and corporate collections in North America.


“My work explores people, places, and things that delve deeply into the character of the subject. I am constantly fuelled by the creative process and am passionate about developing simple concepts into interesting stories. Working closely with both animate and inanimate subjects, my art connects me with nature, humankind, and various objects of inspiration. The act of taking photos allows me to explore themes of past and present, memory, disappearance, and loss and leads to reflection on how we see and interpret beauty. My images represent life experiences, influenced by memories and dreams, and how they can often create confusing but interesting connections along with a sense of relevance achieved through visual permanence. My highest joy of expression comes from capturing the essence of a subject and incorporating an unexpected element of surprise that immediately captures the viewer's imagination.”