Lori Burke


Lori Burke is a full-time Canadian artist. She is self-taught, honing her craft through research and courses. Lori draws from her inner voice and is guided by intuition as she expresses passion and movement in every piece of her work. She has won several awards and has participated in many competitions. Her international exhibitions include opening night for NYA Gallery, 1st Dibs Gallery in New York, NY, and Mona Youssef Gallery in Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris France.


As a self-taught intuitive artist, Lori Burke creates art that touches the heart and inspires the creative spirit. She adopted a spontaneous, bold, and fearless painting technique - a process of discovery - one that results in lush and colorful artworks. Intuitive art is not a phenomenon of the 21st century. Going back to the 20th century, Dutch-American exponent of Abstract Expressionism Willem de Kooning worked in a highly intuitive way with very strong personal reactions. Intuitive painting is all about self-love, and Lori Burke embraces the mystery, exercises non-attachment, explores & expresses her voice, and allows her inner child to play with the paint.

Lori Burke responds to the moment with an openness to change, a variety of mediums, and expanses of color. Lori’s authentic self-expression evolved as she practices. She has multiple collections, some are dynamic and bold, while others are more calm and spiritual. Nevertheless, all of her works will bring tranquility and magic to any space, as well, will light up any room, and fill it with happiness. Intuition is the essence of the whole creative process. If art isn’t about feelings, then what is its purpose?