Patricia Langevin


Patricia Langevin is a contemporary abstract painter living and working in Calgary, Alberta. Her engaging paintings are created intuitively in an expressionist style and are infused with movement and depth. Through her art, Patricia explores the role of play in building resilience in response to life’s hectic pace. Her artistic journey began at a young age. Growing up in Quebec City, in a family that loved music and the performing arts, she was encouraged to try different forms of artistic expression. This laid out the foundation for her desire to find her own artistic path, and in 2007, her fascination with abstract art compelled her to pick up a brush and start painting with acrylics. Patricia has trained with working artists such as Julie Schumer, Cat Tesla, Nicholas Wilton, Jane Davies, and Janice Mason Steeve. Her work has been exhibited in the Calgary and Canmore area. She has participated in group shows as well as solo shows in local venues and her work is held by collectors in Canada and the United States.


“I create colourful abstract paintings that seek to reconnect with a sense of play and embrace the unexpected. I paint in an abstract expressionist style because of the looseness, the freedom, and the elements of surprise that occur as each painting develops. I use bold and dynamic brushstrokes along with mark-making to create pathways for the eyes and mind to wander. To convey emotions and a sense of play, I begin each painting with spontaneous drawings and no preconceived plan, using graphite or wax crayon. I continue by adding translucent layers and scraping through the paint to reveal layers underneath, then by adding marks with various tools.  As layers build and a composition starts to emerge, brush strokes become more intentional until I feel the painting has achieved a balance between spontaneity and control. My hope is that the artwork will infuse a sense of wonder, and bring a joyful experience to the viewer.”