Rob Sirignano




Hailing from the Niagara Region, Rob Sirignano is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist that has been producing works since 2016. Being a creative, his determination to take on new projects is what drives the foundation of his multiple disciplines. Finding new ways to express creativity and explore new art forms that are unique to himself and his processes. 


"Every one of my pieces is unique, enthralling, and tells a story of time using the natural flow of materials. Continuously evolving as an artist, I strive to always push the boundaries of my work. Trying new techniques to challenge the methods and push myself to create what isn't there." 



I came across Rob's work at Artist Project this year and felt in love with his practice. His booth was the first one I saw and the one that stood out the most. His Felt Box Project is chaotic in design but calming in its ability to absorb sound. This wall art gets its distinctive texture from felt which is cut out (sometimes also dyed) and then stretched across a wood frame. A soft wash of colour and variations in pattern mean that each piece is subtly one-of-a-kind. It is made using recycled material to practice sustainability. This product makes a difference at home and in the world: good for people, good for the planet! 

His abstract collection is dynamic and as many abstract expressionist art, it's gives an impression of spontaneity where the artist expresses his emotions and conveys a sense of his presence in the work. There is no intention of rendering an image of something tangible, experimentation with colour took on a cerebral element and the interest of how colour can affect our mood and thought. These pieces are intense, spontaneous and deeply expressive!