Maria Isabel Rodriguez "Artaurus" photographic print costa rica Italian artist

Artaurus, 20.5" x 31.5"

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Photographic Print on Canvas (made with 100% acid-free cotton and stretched over a pine backstage).

"Artaurus" is part of a series of photographs, on an abstract theme, titled "Another Planet." In this piece, the shimmering ripples move elegantly through the undulating layers that seem to be enclosed within the finest glass. Shiny formations of pure gold, condensing to liquid. An intimate, magical space. The predominant light acts as a mirror to the soul, where past, present and future converge in a blessed, eternal instant."

Abstract photographs of Italian Costa Rica-based photographer Maria De Fazio capture the magnificent golden glow. As captivating as the sun itself, these illuminated works transcend us to a place of peace. We see shimmering ripples move elegantly across the undulating layers that appear encased within the finest glass. Rich heavy metallics saturate the land like lava, deep with lustrous folds of mountainous minerals. Sun craters glisten as if they have been filled with liquid gold; centred still, with depth. It’s with De Fazio's eye that we shift the senses and captivate the imagination beyond - another planet.
Enraptured by the mediative formations that invite the mind to dive deep into the soul; like the ocean whose waters wash away each day, there is a profound sense of serenity. As powerful as the artists' passion, these evocative works are a spiritual encounter, a connection with the light.

The artwork is sold in perfect condition.

Includes signed certificate of authenticity.

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