Lori Burke "English Roses" abstract floral painting Canadian Artist

English Roses, 48" x 31"

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Mixed Media on Canvas.

"We often get caught up in a state of being that is bound by the limitations of our minds. Through my art, I am attempting to broaden not only my own horizons but the very landscape of limitations that hold us all back. The open sky, the gathering clouds… the gentle sweep of a soaring bird, all pay visual homage to the untapped freedom within—it is a way to let beauty inhabit our souls and surrender to the infinite possibilities of the world around us. “Limitless.”

Award-winning Canadian artist Lori Burke focuses on drama and dynamism in every piece of her work. Guided by passion and the inner voice, this “intuitive artist” creates contemporary mixed-media artworks full of joy and passion for life. Her style is influenced by the beauty of nature around us.

The artwork is sold in perfect condition.

Includes signed certificate of authenticity.

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