"I am at Odds," 36" x 36"
"I am at Odds," 36" x 36"
"I am at Odds," 36" x 36"
"I am at Odds," 36" x 36"

"I am at Odds," 36" x 36"

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Acrylic on canvas attached to birch panel. 

36” x 36” x 0.75” 

This piece is part of my conversations series which comments on the natural landscape and an ongoing conversation between the sky and ground. This joyful painting represents the domination of the sky and the unknown - a space and place for exploration and new experiences. 

"As an artist, I am in love with colour and texture. These two pieces represent my love of both. As individual artworks, these two both symbolize a connection to the land and sky. I exist in a natural space - wide open prairies with large open skies, and to me, this simplicity equates to so much depth and interest in the symbolism of the land and sky itself. They become personalities conversing with one another and often interact with each other. I look at my landscapes as moments of emotion, these two both capturing happiness and light."

Samantha Williams-Chapelsky work primarily focuses on the depiction of the Canadian landscape. The landscape of Canada and specifically that of Western Canada is in a constant state of change. From weather to the effect of human presence to the pastoral landscape, idyllic in the minds of prairie dwellers, there are never ending conversations of patterns, lights, and landscape horizons. 

The artwork is sold in perfect condition.

Includes signed certificate of authenticity.

Equipped with gallery wire on the back for easy installation.

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