Jessica Gorlicky “The Division of You”

“The Division of You,” 48” x 72”

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Acrylic & Gold Leaf on Canvas 

“Losing the need to be anything other than you
Able to easily see and feel
Becoming awake to all of the places 
Becoming aware of the division of selves 
The pain of the realizations 
Seeing all of the wholes
Not be ashamed
We’re all doing the exact same things
No person is living in their truth and freedoms completely 
This is a kind of beautiful pain
That is loving you
The kind of pain that is bringing you into a life that is the most authentic version of you - not hiding from it
Allow your pain to speak 
Magnify the places you’re being restrained 
Pain is an indicator of what you may be needing 
You are not one thing
But choosing another
Simply the beauty you contain 
Notice in the very center of your being 
That nothing is lacking
The peace which is holding you
The abundance of what you already are.”


Jessica Gorlicky has painted professionally for twenty years, amassing ten collections, commissioning thousands of paintings, and performing live painting shows at hundreds of events globally. Today, she is a sought-after artist and her bold, trademark pop-culture-centric artwork hands in trendy restaurants, boutiques, galleries, museums, showrooms, and private collections throughout North America and the world. Her style is unique and personal where she puts her emotions and heart into the production of every piece making it original for every customer. 

The artwork is sold in perfect condition.

Includes signed certificate of authenticity.

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