Omar Saenz "Language" realism painting Kefi Art Gallery

Lengua (Tongue), 44" x 35"

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Oil on Canvas.

“When planning the drape paintings, I think of the human body and how it occupies a space in the world: stretching, contorting itself, feeling heavy or as light as to be floating and balancing in the air; how it intertwines with another body and holds the weight of each other. I seek to bring those dynamics into these other soft painterly bodies.

My work takes the surface as a platform to research ideas on the relationship between abstraction and figuration, colour and scale, the poetic and the mundane, or the hidden and the visible. Whether in the open mouth of a grocery bag or behind heavy drapes and torn papers, the images remaining on a veiled plane intermediate between these relationships are an invitation to an inner world. They record the passage from one space to another and the veil that divides them."

Mexican Toronto-based abstract artist Omar Saenz has had four solo shows in museums and cultural institutions in Mexico and France. Omar has exhibited in spaces such as Material Art Fair and the MARCO Museum and his work was selected to participate in the Nuevo Leon State Art Award, a comprehensive survey of contemporary art from the Mexican state.

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