Cherie Harte "Shine My Love and Inspire Others To Shine Along with Me" mixed media painting Canadian Art

"Shine My Love and Inspire Others To Shine Along with Me," 24" x 48"

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Mixed Media on Birch Panel.

"My deepest desire is to create a more loving and magical world. A world where each of us is fully held as we embrace and heal our shadow selves. A space where human judgement gently dissolves and we all come to celebrate the beauty of diversity and embracing the simple pleasures of our daily lives. A place where the challenging obstacles of life are transmuted into joyous opportunities for growth, love and deeper relationship with self and others.

My work is a not only a joyous celebration of colour, but of energy, and form. I intuitively create with all colours of the crayon box because I believe each colour we are drawn to, dislike, or purposely omit, has a message for us if we choose to lean in."

Cherie Harte is a self-taught Métis artist following in the tradition of  Art Brut . Harte utilizes gestural painting techniques that juxtapose a character’s complex inner life with tangible expressions of naïveté and innocence.  Her paintings trigger a blending of feelings that express the full gamut of emotions. She accomplishes this feat by tapping into her own life experiences,  from the saddest to the most uplifting.

The artwork is sold in perfect condition.

Includes signed certificate of authenticity.

Equipped with gallery wire on the back for easy installation.

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