"The Love Parade" Aadila Munshi
"The Love Parade" Aadila Munshi
"The Love Parade" Aadila Munshi
"The Love Parade" Aadila Munshi

"The Love Parade," 24" x 48"

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Acrylic on Canvas.

Last artwork from series: Lessons in Love, 2019.

“Obsessed from a young age with decayed walls and urban textures, I have always painted what I absolutely love.

Beyond the streets. Into the enlightened home. As a child of the apartheid era and a former criminologist, my paintings are conceived from my deep-seated affinity with social justice narratives and associated imagery on urban walls. Love, hope, and peace persist and feature strongly in my art. Because we are all human. The sooner everyone embraces this, the better...🖤”

Aadila Munshi is a contemporary artist living and working in Toronto, Canada. She is known for her sophisticated painted renderings of distressed urban surfaces and abstracted graffiti forms. Urban grunge and textures are uniquely contrasted with soft, elegant marks and letters. Relocating third-world sensibilities to the first world strongly informs her work.

The artwork is sold in perfect condition.

Includes signed certificate of authenticity.

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