Judy Ann Schmidt "Beautiful Chaos" floral abstract painting Canadian Artist
"Beautiful Chaos," 30" x 30"
Judy Ann Schmidt "Beautiful Chaos" floral abstract painting Canadian Artist
"Beautiful Chaos," 30" x 30"

"Beautiful Chaos," 30" x 30"

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Acrylic, oil stick, and spray paint on canvas.

"The tangles of living and the stunning beauty of our everyday experiences is reflected in this floral expression. It is a gift to be embraced and held gently.

Experiencing joy is a life long journey that satisfies our deepest longings, and the great friend of creativity is joy.  Joy can be felt and expressed in so many ways.  Sometimes it’s a quiet strength that bubbles to the surface and sometimes it’s exuberant. Joy is experienced, but joy is also expressed creatively, and for me, that’s on a canvas. 

My artistic expression is rooted in my values of optimism, authenticity and hope, and each moment that I am in my studio planning and painting and dreaming, I remind myself of what I want the viewer to experience. The movement of the lines that form shapes, the colours that are chosen, combining acrylic with oil stick and spray paint.  These elements are brought together to stir emotion. These paintings and their rainbow hued paints twist and weave as if nature itself is being harnessed.  They are a feast for the senses and my purpose in painting them is to stir up hope and joy.  

"I want you to see something that you can’t escape. I want you to hear something that you can’t ignore. I want you to feel something that stirs you. I want you to do something that is brave and brings you joy."

Judy Ann Schmidt is a Canadian artist born and raised on the wide-open prairies in Saskatchewan. She lives and works in Calgary, Alberta, but draws inspiration from the values and perspectives gained from her biographical influences of Germany and Saskatchewan. She wants the viewer to see something in the painting that they can’t escape, to hear something that they can’t ignore and to do something that brings meaning.

The artwork is sold in perfect condition.

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Equipped with gallery wire on the back for easy installation.

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