"Galatea," 11" x 8"

"Galatea," 11" x 8"

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A piece based on Raphael’s fresco, “Triumph of Galatea”, with a bunch of Erotideus (cupids). Galatea, a beautiful sea nymph, stands triumphant in a shell chariot pulled along by dolphins. She has lost the man she loved but her spirit is elevated. Love, in the form of the cupids, is always there, accompanying her from above, while the rest of the sea-creatures experience the turbulent waters.

"The mystical element and the use of rich colour is my way of feeling happy and alive. I long for a world that is made of beautiful and deep colours and that’s what I am trying to create with my artwork.

This series is inspired by some of the most beautiful paintings in the history of art and the aim is to show the beauty of love in all its forms, whether this is the romantic love between two lovers, the love of a mother for her child or the sorrows of a passionate woman. The Grand Odalisque, Galatea, Lilith, they all offer a beautiful story of a fearless woman who stops at nothing for love. The artwork is full of colour tο highlight the deep emotion and the joy of living, regardless its struggles and sorrows. A deep emotion that is enriched and empowered by the Colours of Joy."

The endless sea, sky and space are some of Athens-based artist Yulie Metaxa favorite subjects, but also odd objects, geometrical shapes and abstract ideas. She believes the colour and the lines that accompany it are the way we communicate with nature. We offer our voice to her in exchange for her savage beauty. This is a magical relationship, which sometimes is easy and effortlessly beautiful, sometimes daunting and full of strives. But, nevertheless, always fulfilling.

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