Stephanie McLean "Jelly Intuition" abstract figurative painting Canadian Artist

Jelly Intuition, 40" x 16"

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Acrylic on Canvas.

"Joy can mean different things to different people or beings. The young lady in "Jelly Intuition" happily navigates her way through water using only her intuition, making her feel light and unencumbered. I strive to translate what I feel my subjects’ energy is into visual art, by using loose brushstrokes, splashes of bold colour or colours not normally used to represent the subject."

Stephanie McLean's innate artistry is the deepest resource in her life. Until 2021, Stephanie gave her painting a secondary role. Graduating with a BFA in Music from Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec) in 1995, she knows that any form of creative and artistic expression is harnessed from the same force. Primarily, Stephanie had been a performing artist -- as a jazz singer, in theatre -- and had professionally designed books, posters, and presentations for corporations. Through her experiences on stages and in boardrooms, Stephanie witnessed how people in all walks of life express their creative impulses. 

 In 2021, she decided to focus all her artistic energies by painting musician portraits of this creative drive. Then, in Spring 2022, she began a series of portraits to explore universal energy and the zodiac signs. In 2023, she started painting animals, focusing on trying to convey the energy she felt they emanated. Stephanie’s artistic approach is to sense and follow the flow of universal energy and to trust the direction in which she finds her paint colors flowing. In her artistic practice, she looks forward to portraying the unique, creative shapes and energies of people from all walks of life.

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