Late Bloomer, 20" x 40"

Late Bloomer, 20" x 40"

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Cold wax and Oil on Wood Panel.

"When I choose to paint an abstract piece instead of an abstract landscape, it allows me to venture from the traditional beauty of landscapes, offering limitless avenues for self-expression and emotional discovery. It grants me the freedom to express myself boundlessly and embark on journeys of emotional exploration. With abstract art, I can delve into the depths of my imagination, unrestricted by the confines of reality. The interplay of colours, textures, forms and mark-making in abstract pieces lets me communicate on a visceral level, inviting each viewer to interpret and connect with the artwork in their own distinct way. Unlike landscapes, which capture the external beauty of nature, abstract art has the power to encapsulate the inner landscapes of the mind and soul, forging a profound connection between the artist, the art, and the audience."

Karen Jeffrey is an abstract artist working in acrylic, and cold wax, and oil. She’s an OCAD graduate and an accomplished Pastry Chef. Actually, her two favourite tools for painting are her pastry palette knife and her plastic bowl scraper.  Karen’s body of work is largely reflective of her many travels and she draws her inspirations from her surroundings and the dialogue in her head. Each painting is a collection of fragments from my memories of travels, they come together to form a larger story, giving the piece a lively visual environment, where the forms, lines, and marks coexist. 

The artwork is sold in perfect condition.

Includes signed certificate of authenticity.

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