Lori Burke "Red"
Lori Burke "Red"
Lori Burke "Red"
Lori Burke "Red"

"Red," 36" x 36"

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 Acrylic on Canvas.

“This very pretty yet powerful piece will enhance any space. The stunning gold accents catch the light in just the right places.

Red has a range of symbolic meanings, including life, health, vigor, war, courage, anger, love, and religious fervor. The common thread is that all these require passion, and the "life force" that drives passion blood is red.”

Ontario-based artist Lori Burke draws from her inner voice and is guided by intuition as she expresses passion and movement in every piece of her work. She 'feels’ her art and lets her instincts guide each direction as a piece evolves on the canvas.

The artwork is sold in perfect condition.

Includes signed certificate of authenticity.

Equipped with gallery wire on the back for easy installation.

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