Marta Stares "Between Two Worlds"
Marta Stares "Between Two Worlds"
Marta Stares "Between Two Worlds"
Marta Stares "Between Two Worlds"

"Between Two Worlds," 20" x 16"

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Acrylic on Canvas.

Canoe is a symbol of our connection to the natural world, a representation of our reverence for history, a tool of exploration and discovery.🛶 So why is the canoe so symbolic to Canada? Look at the topography of Canada: there are countless bodies of water that dot the landscape, crisscrossed by ribbons of blue that connect them all. This was Canada’s original highway, or railroad if you will. The Indigenous people intimately knew this. In order to take advantage of this topographical feature, they created the ultimate transportation vehicle: the canoe.

The inspiration for Toronto-based artist Marta Stares comes from her canoe and backcountry camping trips in Northern Ontario. During these remote excursions, she finds a deep sense of connection to water and land.  Her paintings are often framed from the canoeist’s perspective, offering viewers a glimpse into what it feels like to paddle through remote places in Ontario. 

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Equipped with gallery wire on the back for easy installation.

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