Monica Shulman "The Wild Things"

"The Wild Things," 72" x 72"

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Mixed Media on Canvas.

"Do you ever wonder what the inside of your brain looks like? I often think about how feelings and thoughts would look in color. When I’m feeling calm I think it must look blue and purple and green. When I’m stressed, angry, upset, nervous, or overwhelmed, I imagine it’s a fiery red or orange. I imagine soft yellow, white, and pinks when I’m feeling happy. Some days I might feel all of these emotions at once and they are competing with each other. Other days are not that eventful and I just feel calm and balanced.

I wanted to make a painting that would be an exploration and interpretation of my feelings inside my head as colors. I wanted to express what those feelings and their energy would look like on the outside. This is how The Wild Things came to be. I consider my work to be energetic and playful and I like when people come up with their own interpretations but for me, The Wild Things had to be about all of us and the complex layers of emotions that we can feel at any given time. It’s no surprise that I love color and I knew that I was taking a risk making a painting with so much going on but once I got started and the paint started to fly around the canvas I honestly couldn’t stop. It was important to me that I just get it all out and I wanted it to be on a large canvas (this piece is 6 feet by 6 feet).

It all started to make sense to me the further I got along with the work but whatever figures are present in the painting were completely unintentional. All of the paint was meticulously planned in terms of where I wanted the colors to go but the strokes and gestures were mostly spontaneous. After a while I just stopped thinking too hard about what I wanted to achieve and just let it happen to trust my process and that it would work out the way it was meant to work out. That was another lesson that I’m always learning - if you just trust yourself, keep your head down, keep working and focus on what goals you’re trying to achieve, it always has a way of working out. I named the painting “The Wild Things” because isn’t that what we all are deep down inside?"

What do you see when you look at this work?

Monica Shulman is a contemporary artist whose brand of gestural abstraction is a form of story-telling and draws attention to the singularity of her mark-making. A first-generation American of Cuban and Argentinian descent who left her career as an attorney to focus on her art practice full-time, Monica Shulman lives and works in the lower Hudson Valley with her husband and their two young children. Her work has been shown at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York City, Photo LA, Art Market Hamptons, PULSE Art Fair, and the New York Mercantile Exchange, among others.

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