Mural Project in Toronto

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Murals are an excellent way to transform your walls, especially if you want to create a bold statement and add character to a space or site. It is no wonder that murals are becoming increasingly popular additions to corporate offices, hotels, cafes, residences, and co-working spaces. We always guide and help our clients throughout the mural commissioning process and we would like to share with you details and insights from our latest project that took place in Toronto.

Althea Johnson from Shop Propr Life+Style was looking to create a mural next to her store and reached out to us for help. We were so excited to bring her vision to life and found super talented Leslie Phelan who painted the beautiful mural at 458 Ossington Ave, Toronto. 🌈🌈🌈

Liza also had the pleasure of interviewing Althea Johnson and Leslie Phelan for her Curator on the Go Podcast ( During this interview, you will be able to hear the feedback about the process of commissioning a mural from our client and the artist. You will also learn their personal stories, how they’ve started their businesses, and what motivates them to keep going and enjoy what they are doing.


Looking for an outside or inside mural for your home or office? Reach out to us and we’ll bring joy and enliven your living or workspace!

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