Services: Making Buying Art Easy!


Whether you are looking for guidance on selecting an artwork or want help with questions around framing, hanging or our art rental service, we are available to assist you completely free of charge.

  • Receive a personalized selection fit to your taste and budget
  • Commission a custom artwork
  • Learn about the artwork you're interested in

Kefi Art Gallery features works at a wide range of prices to suit all budgets and projects. Depending on your request, our curator will suggest a carefully chosen selection of around 6-8 works for you to browse through online. 



You like a painting but are not completely sure if "this is it or not." If there is a need to consult with loved ones - we understand. Live with a painting for 2 days! You will pass by it and admire it. Art must be felt! We give you this opportunity.

*For local Toronto clients. Take a painting home today to try it out! If it doesn't work out - no worries! We will continue to work with you until you find the piece of your dreams.

*Please note, you will have to pay for the selected work in full before taking it home. You can return the work and get a full refund in 2 days as long as the painting is returned in the same perfect condition as it was when you purchased it.



Get the artwork that you've been dreaming about from your favourite artist, made to fit your space!

When you commission an artwork - you can choose the subject matter, colours, style, and dimensions of your future one-of-a-kind piece. Kefi Art Gallery will help to guide you along the process of creating something specifically to fit your criteria and budget.



  • SEND US AN ENQUIRY. Include the details of the commission,  artist name, budget and size. 
  • DOWN PAYMENT. You'll need to make a first payment of 50% of the artwork's agreed cost so the artist can begin the creative process.
  • REGULAR UPDATES & FEEDBACK.  We'll keep you updated with photos and notes from the artist so you get the chance to send any feedback.
  • FINISHED ARTWORK. Once you are happy with your new art, we'll ask you to pay the remaining 50% of artwork's price plus the shipping fee so the artist can ship the work.




Framing is an art in itself and choosing the right frame can enhance a piece of art. Working with our local framing partners, each piece you buy at Kefi Art Gallery can be custom framed with the frame of your choice. The choices in framing are endless and all comes down to personal preference.

We always make sure the frame doesn’t overpower the artwork inside and give it the presence it rightly deserves. The best frame is simply the one that puts your artwork in the spotlight!

The example below shows the unframed artwork, how we presented the gold colour option to our client, and how the piece looks framed before it was delivered to the client. 





A wall mural is a simple way to bring character to any room. This statement wall for the study space was done as part of a home renovation for a local client. Using the reference image the clients selected, our talented artist brought colour and life to the client’s home.



“A Dream Come True to be able to contribute back to the local College/Ossington community. This Artwork was commissioned by me through Liza Zhurkovskaya, founder of Kefi Art Gallery. A big thank you for helping me to achieve my vision which was to create a welcoming, inspiring, unifying, and beautiful message to young women everywhere. I hope people will see themselves in this mural and visit often to see this vision of beauty in person.”
- Althea Johnson, founder of Proprlifestyle.

*Find this mural at 458 Ossington Ave in Toronto.



Send us images of your room and walls and we will provide a free complimentary art consultation to decide what works will best fit your space, your taste, and your budget. Contact us at, and we’ll get back to you in the next 12-24 hours.



The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has established that taxpayers who purchase or rent Canadian artworks, either for their personal office or for the common areas of their places of business (such as the lobby or hallway) can claim a tax deduction for the cost of purchasing or renting the work. The cost can be deducted over a period of several years as a capital cost allowance. Talk to your accountant! Also, if the buyer is a GST registrant, they can recover the taxes paid at the time of purchasing the artwork by claiming input tax credits.

To qualify, artwork must:

  • Cost $200 or more
  • Not be held for resale or otherwise included in the inventory
  • Be acquired for the purpose of gaining or producing income from an arm’s length individual
  • Be created by someone who was Canadian at the time



Shipping is available for everything we sell at our  contemporary art gallery! Each piece is fully insured until it reaches your doorstep.

Contact us if you don't see a shipping quote automatically calculated at the checkout. This can happen if the painting requires an oversized box. In this case, we'll get the shipping quote from our shipping supplier.