Kefi Art Gallery is an Online Contemporary Art Gallery located in Toronto, Canada. We work with sort-out artists whose works have an absolute artistic value that guarantees a high status of your future collection. In essence, art collecting is a pursuit that goes beyond aesthetics; it's about filling the spaces of our lives with the language of the soul, creating a sanctuary where beauty, emotion, and inspiration harmoniously converge.

We handle the logistics of selecting original art that sparks creativity and conversation. From tailored recommendations, expert insights, and a curated approach to finding pieces, we will form a collection of meaningful and captivating artwork that aligns with your style and vision!

We are committed to making your art experience exceptional and will be honoured to be your guide throughout the process. Our team is here assist you in acquiring art with the purpose of starting a collection, investment, or just to decorate homes or working spaces with proper pieces.

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Elizaveta (Liza) Zhurkovskaya

Area of expertise: Canadian and International Contemporary Art.

MFA in Criticism & Curatorial Practice from OCAD University
BA in Art History from the University of Toronto

Consistently keeping her finger on the pulse of the global art market—from attending and participating at international fairs and to visiting museum and gallery exhibitions—Kefi Art Gallery’s founder Liza Zhurkovskaya has built a foundation of experience and expertise that she leverages through Kefi Art Gallery to help a broad range of collectors build an impactful, meaningful art collection.

“Being a collector myself, I understand how personal collecting can be. I assist my clients in making informed decisions—guided by their own personal aesthetic and passion. My experiences as a collector combined with my substantive education in art history, curation and the art market, and the positions I held working within the gallery system provided me with the tools I needed to do what I do. A passion for art and supporting creatives morphed into a successful business. I am proud to be a woman working in this male-dominated industry.”