Gail Blima

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Toronto-based artist Gail Blima uses the power of language to make a statement and draw out emotion. First introduced to art at a very young age by her father, he taught her about shading, perspective, and landscape compositions. Gail is a graduate of The International Academy of Merchandising and Design in Interior Design. She is a full-time artist living and exhibiting in Toronto and her works are held in private collections in Toronto, London, Gravenhurst, Montreal, St-Lazare, NYC, Montclair-NJ, and Hangzhou-China.


“My current body of work was inspired by my two sons’ love of superheroes. By layering vibrant acrylic accents over a collage base and incorporating the written word, I connect the audience to cultural references that are ironic, humorous, or directed from pop culture. The first thing people notice about my art is the clear-cut message. I want to convey a feeling of empowerment, optimism, and positivity through my paintings.

Words inspire, give vision, shape our beliefs, and drive our behaviors. Some of the power comes from the words themselves and some comes from the emotion and intensity in which we use them. Collages of handwritten recipes or scrabble tiles invokes positive memories, while superheroes allow us to embrace our inner child, escape into our imaginations. Intertwined the message and background provide powerful reactions. Using words purposefully is one way to shift the energy we bring into our lives. By layering acrylic accents onto a designed collage base and incorporating the written word, the view is connected to its clear-cut message of empowerment and positivity."

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