Works of art that have found a home with our art collectors.



"Thank you again for your expertise in helping me to pick and install the perfect pieces for my home. I’m so happy! I look forward to working with you again soon."
-Laura F.

darlene winfield abstract     fiona debell abstract    melissa passmore floral 


“Liza, they are absolutely perfect! Not only they are beautiful, but also very appropriate because my husband is Italian.”
-Marianne M.




"I was looking for a painting for my mid-century modern home that would not take over the place but that tells a story through the skillful use of texture and colour. I love this piece!"
-Marianne M.

original artwork  original art


"Love my new painting!"
-Meagan S.



“I am thrilled with my purchase! It makes me smile every time I walk by the room. Thank you for everything!”
-Laura F.



"Thank you for finding me this painting and delivering it to me. I really like it"




"We were looking for a specific piece and found Kefi from a Google search. After enquiring on the piece, Liza was extremely helpful. She pointed out alternatives from the artist, arranged directly with the artist to finish the piece we wanted in a specific way and then personally delivered the art to us. The entire process was quick, easy, and Liza's service was outstanding."
-Barry B.


“Excited to take home this fantastic piece of art for our dining room.”


“Thanks Liza. I love this artwork so much! It’s really beautiful in my office! Thank you!”
-Alvir T.



“Thank you very much for the smooth purchasing process. We are incredibly happy with the painting and your service and look forward to keeping in touch with you.”



“Who else wants to walk into this painting? Feel the sun and breeze on your face, run your hands through the tall grass, picnic, and read under the trees while looking up at the blue sky and its dancing clouds... Check out Kefi Art Gallery for blissful, beautiful art.”


“Art arriving at your door makes a glorious Saturday morning even better. “One Purple Fish” spoke to me the minute I saw it. Love this piece so much and can’t wait to get more.”


“Art arrived today! Another beautiful piece by Gail Blima. Thank you Kefi Art Gallery and Liza for always outstanding customer service and partnering with such talented artists.”


“I am truly amazed by the energy that authentic artwork brings to my home. Marta’s work is amazing online but breathtaking in person. I’m honoured to have her work displayed in my home.”



“This piece brings me so much joy and I’m thrilled to have made an investment in Mahyar Amiri’s work. I was so intrigued by the ‘Banana’ debacle from Art Basel circa 2019. It’s everything I love and hate about the art world. When I saw Mahyar’s ‘Monana’ print available through Kefi, I knew I had to have it. It’s cheeky and polished, and most of all, it speaks to me. It’s a beautiful conversation piece that we proudly display in the gathering spot of our home. I love supporting other artists, especially those in the Toronto area. Thank you, Liza and Kefi Art Gallery for connecting me to this piece!”
-Shaina H.


“This abstract work reminds me of Georgian Bay - my favorite place! Love it!”
-Emmy P.



"My deepest gratitude to Liza for representing such awe inspiring artists leading to the discovery of one such artist, Lori Burke. Liza is a wonderful communicator and commits to outstanding customer service, even hand delivering the piece that I purchased! Her professionalism is second to none. I highly recommend Kefi Art Gallery to any collector, new or seasoned!"
-Cathy D.


"One of the things I love about working with Kefi and its owner/curator Liza, is the ease and professionalism. Liza makes every transaction simple, fun and efficient. The gallery brings together such a variety of incredibly talented artists it is hard to pick a favourite. The website is simple to navigate and Liza provides expert advice and knowledge when needed. I highly recommend - particularly to fist time collectors who are looking to invest in emerging artists and need a little guidance along the way."


“Recently ordered a piece by Monica Shulman from the gallery & I am incredibly happy with the work of art as well as their service! Shipping to the US - zero issues. I will definitely order from this wonderful gallery again & I urge anyone else to as well. You won’t regret it!”


"This is amazing gallery !!! love the works and artists and strong representation of women in the art world. Also the owner Liza is very kind and welcoming. Art is for everyone! There is so much to admire!"
-Tessa M.