Under $500

Art makes a great gift!

Gifting art is a unique idea that allows you to present your loved ones with a timeless beauty that keeps giving. We've prepared a guide for you to decide what artwork you should select as a gift for your friend, family member, or a loved one.

- Step one: Think about who you are buying for.
- Step Two: Consider Their Living Space. Spot the empty spaces within their interior and make a note of the décor surrounding the area. This will help you find the best art pieces that fit their style and current interior.
- Step Three: Determine your budget.
- Step Four: Make it meaningful. Think about their favourite hobbies; do they love travelling, fashion, nature, or design?
- Step Five: If you are unsure - go for a gift card! Kefi Art Gallery offers Gift Cards that will allow the recipient to select and purchase any artwork of their choice within the year from the purchase date of the GC.