Loretta Kaltenhauser "Loose Ends" abstract painting Canadian artist

Loose Ends, 12" x 12"

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Acrylic on Canvas (sides painted grey).

"Part of 'Pure Abstract' series. In this collection, the subject of the work is the content the viewer sees: feelings and/or movement are created using line, form, colour, texture and other elements"

Loretta Kaltenhauser is an established, contemporary, award-winning Canadian artist. She creates works that are either abstract or have landscape elements to them. Using various brushes and palette knives, Loretta layers subtracts, and manipulates acrylic paint on canvas, to synthesize an intricate and distinct tableau. Colours and shapes take on an energy of their own and each subsequent layer of texture and colour she adds reinterprets her thoughts and emotions. Loretta Kaltenhauser's works can be found in private collections in Canada, the United States, and the U.K.

The artwork is sold in perfect condition.

Includes signed certificate of authenticity.

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