Amber Hahn



Amber Hahn is an abstract mixed media artist based in Toronto. Growing up, she was always drawn to creative outlets; painting, drawing, and writing. A five-year cancer survivor, Amber uses art to navigate the many emotions she experienced in her life journey and is imagined through themes of love, hope, strength, empowerment, reinvention, and discovery. Her abstracts bring a sense of calm, with soft flowing colors, bright lines, and a splash of brilliant, shimmering gold. Amber’s mission is to embody the spirit of happiness and light through her work, in order to elicit the strongest of emotional bonds with her viewers.  Her work has been collected across Canada and the USA.


Art relieves stress and makes us feel calmer and more relaxed. By using a soft color palette, Amber's work brings harmony to any space, making it enjoyable and cozy. She uses smooth transitions between colors and low contrast to build a soft, intimate feeling and create a sense of gentleness. Horizontal, straight lines that Amber uses to finish most of her work give an additional impression of space, calm, and tranquillity to her work.


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