Christine Chin-Fook

Christine Chin-Fook canadian artist


Christine Chin-Fook is a versatile artist who works with various mediums (acrylics, encaustic, oil and cold wax, mixed media and collage) to explore new possibilities. Her work has been featured in juried and non-juried shows throughout the Toronto area, as well as in private collections across Canada, the USA and Hong Kong. Christine holds a BFA Honours (Visual Arts) from York U. After earning her Fine Arts degree, she spent much of her corporate career working as a visual designer and a marketing specialist in the software development industry. Originally from Jamaica, she currently lives and works out of her home studio in Markham.


"I rely on intuition and self expression when I paint, pouring my heart into my paintings and getting lost in my own world. To me, this is such a rewarding part of the creative process. Beginning a painting is often the most exciting for me. It signifies the freedom to create that which did not exist before and is just waiting to be revealed from my interaction and inner conversations with myself and my tools. I am drawn to bright colours in my work, because colours make me feel happy, and also, it’s probably a reflection from my tropical island upbringing, surrounded by colourful flowers, lush greens, yellow sunshine, and blue skies. I build layers upon layers of paint to create depth and history. The process of adding and subtracting paint is an essential part of my process. Revealing underneath layers, building up new layers, creates different feelings which eventually lead to finished pieces. I may have an idea in my mind of what I would like to paint at the start, but I am here for the journey and I go with the flow, even if it takes me in a different direction. It is this journey of the creative process that brings me true joy."

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