John Kaltenhauser


John Kaltenhauser’s fascination with drawing germinated at a very early age, and he was painting in acrylics by the time he was nine. Although having some basic art training, John is primarily self-taught. An insurgent, restive temperament precluded him from any further formal education and his next ten years were consumed in a haze of Bohemian distraction and blue-collar bondage. In 1979, his artistic aspirations resurfaced with a vengeance and Kaltenhauser applied himself with a total and almost rabid dedication. Those years of single-minded exertion have resulted in an independently achieved following in Canada, the United States, and Europe, and several dedicated collectors including a number of corporations and celebrities. John’s taciturn nature predisposes his art to speak for him and fortunately, his paintings speak volumes. They ask only that we feel the life on the canvas.


Working as a full-time artist for over 40 years, John Kaltenhauser’s painting career has explored an eclectic mix of subject matter. From early explorations into pop art, surrealism, urban and rural culture, his subject matter of choice eventually gravitated to the landscape genre. Enjoying the pleasures of camping and canoeing from an early age, the Canadian Northland plays an important role in John’s inspiration. He aims to create a mood of quiet calm and reflection that is emphatically conveyed to the viewer. "I aim to create a mood of calm and reflection that is emphatically conveyed to the viewer." 

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