Mais Al-Sheikhly

Mais Al-Sheikhly abstract artist Kefi Art Gallery

Iraqi-Canadian artist wearing her emotions on her brush.

Originating from Baghdad, Iraq is natural-born artist Mais Al-Sheikhly, gleaming with an immense drive and passion for art. With artistic abilities ingrained in her, Mais overcame challenges, and dilemmas and went through several transitions, but her desire for painting is everlasting. During her teenage years, a tragic experience caused Mais to immigrate to Canada, and adjusting to the new cultural changes affected her psychological well-being. Fortunately, her creativity allowed her to channel her thoughts and emotions onto a canvas, in a way only she would understand. As art helped Mais to regain a sense of freedom, control and confidence, she later decided to study Picasso and cubism. Her attempt to secure lessons with a local artist was short-lived, but from doing her own research on cubism and abstract she created her very first painting within a few days. Soon after, she gained recognition from a well-known Canadian watercolour artist, Barry McCarthy with whom she formed a connection.

With over two decades of experience, Mais has presented exhibitions both on the domestic and international stage. In 2023, she participated in Artexpo NY. With an astounding eye and limitless imagination, Mais continues to bring her ability to take traditional culture and concepts to create works of art that are both abstract and imaginative in new and intriguing ways. If you are looking for an investment piece from one of the most sought-after mid-career artists in Toronto - this is your time!

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