Melissa Passmore



Elmira-based artist Melissa Passmore uses the power of colour in nature to invoke emotion and reflection of the moment at hand. Melissa has always enjoyed painting since childhood, creating watercolour renditions of every Disney character she came across. Her love for creativity continues today as she paints bright florals in her home studio. Melissa has been able to serve her community through a lengthy career in healthcare, and that experience informs her artistic journey. Her pieces can be found in private collections, galleries, and shows throughout North America.



“I create close-up bright floral paintings with the hope that it will entice the viewer to stop and appreciate the moment of beauty before them. A lack of background removes additional distraction and places the focus on the movement and light of the petals. I hope that it highlights the beauty of a single moment in time that is there for us all, if we endeavor to look for it.”