Moojan Nazmi


Iranian-Canadian artist Moojan Nazmi expresses her passion through the medium of oil painting. Delving into various genres like still life, landscape, portraits, and figures, Nazmi's artistic focus centers on capturing the essence of the dream world and the subconscious. Her artistic intention is to transport viewers into her pictorial realm, characterized by silence and nature—a space that invites them to step into her imagination and inner world, where contemplation, analysis, and creation join. The paintings serve as windows into the workings of her subconscious mind.

The meticulous selection of colours, a dedicated emphasis on interpretation and pictorial thinking, and the refinement of concepts and dream sequences culminate in a cohesive blend, reflecting the reality depicted on the canvas. Moojan employs light as a tool to infuse meditative and dramatic theatrical qualities, crafting a compelling visual narrative. The intricate process involves layers of glazes and impasto, with the veil of glazes adding a touch of enchantment, referred to as her "poetry." Essentially, her paintings present a fusion of realism and personal expression. For Moojan, painting transcends mere imitation of nature; it is an inspired interpretation of the subject matter at hand.

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