Nikolaos Schizas



Barcelona based painter Nikolaos Schizas creates dynamic abstract acrylic paintings that radiate with vibrant splashes of color, and communicate a strong sense of movement and fluidity. Nikos is an abstract artist inspired by a drive to explore unconscious feelings and repressed emotions. Mixing acrylics, spray paint and resin, Schizas employs a range of methods, from spraying, pouring and dripping paint directly onto the canvas, to using a mixture of traditional brushes and untraditional tools, such as spatulas, to make sweeping, gestural marks, creating amazing acrylic paintings full of live. A self-taught painter as an abstract artist, he expresses through his work a natural and intuitive passion for the materiality of paint, and an instinctual appreciation for emotionally charged color relationships. His fresh and vibrant aesthetic position occupies a space between Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism and Pop, and seems to emanate from a dreamlike and mysterious realm.



“My subject is feelings that are coming from the unconsciousness, in particular deep fears and repressed emotions. All of these negative emotions we have hidden somewhere inside of us, for example, if we feel guilty, embarrassed, shame or anger. When we are able to express these emotions the effect of them softens. My brushes and the concept that I create with my art is this softened emotion that arises from unconsciousness. Within my work, you will see all of these emotions reflected. Anger, shame, relief, redemption, hate, and jealousy amongst others. No specific color represents any emotion, rather it is a fluid expression as is the case with how we deal with such emotions, for example, anger can be expressed through screaming which in turn provides relief. I want to inspire people to feel and express their emotions more and more. I was not doing this for many years, but I consider myself lucky now to express them through my art.”


“I fell in love with Nikolaos Schizas work right away. We connected over Zoom in spring 2021 and had an amazing conversation where I got to know the artist and the ideas behind his work. I was impressed by Nikolaos’ story. He had experienced temporary hearing loss, and painting became his outlet to express emotions and explore the inner part of himself. In our gallery collection, you will find works that represent relief, tranquillity and at the same time dynamism of happiness of colour explosion. Other works are super dynamic and are part of Nikolaos “rage” series that became a medium of releasing all the rage that was accumulated inside him through years. Nikolaos Schizas has a great career ahead of him and if you are looking to buy an investment piece - this is your time!”