Robbie Kaye



Born in Brooklyn, NY, Robbie Kaye’s first experiences of life consisted of tall buildings and cement parks until her parents shipped her off to sleep-away summer camp at age 5. Ever since the artist had her first breath of fresh air, the scent of grass and hay, the feel of lake water, and the sight of trees, she knew that she was destined to replicate the wonder and beauty she had experienced in those summer months. They were the foundation for Robbie Kaye’s love of art and all the elements of nature. Drawn to express the beauty, intensity, and fragility of life, Robbie Kaye’s work results in either bold colors or subdued hues. Whether literal or abstract, the artist sees her work as an ongoing journal, one that has provided her a voice to express what she otherwise might not.

A classical and jazz-trained musician, Robbie performed and composed music for many years in New York and Portland, OR, before she transitioned into photography. As the staff photographer for the Admissions Department at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, she also co-authored the 125th Anniversary photography and poetry book, “Rendezvous with Light,” with former California Poet Laureate, Carol Muske Dukes. Robbie’s work has been exhibited internationally in museums and galleries and featured in numerous publications such as LensCulture, Lenscratch, Gourmet, and Marie Claire magazines.