Synnove Seidman

Canadian artist Synnöve Seidman abstract Kefi art Gallery


Synnove Seidman was born in Toronto, a first-generation Canadian of Finnish descent. She was raised in an artistic and unconventional family and moved between the city and rural countryside throughout her childhood. After attending a fine arts high school, Synnöve studied art history and philosophy at the University of Toronto and travelled to Florence, Italy to continue studying Italian and art.


"The perfume of flowers as you walk by, the sound of music floating in the distance, bright sunshine or dusky light, these elusive sensual experiences layer to make a moment stand alone. Singular moments strung together to make life and yet they can't be grasped. That’s what I am working on here, honouring a transient meaningful moment of beauty. Leaving it open to another possibility or interpretation.

My work is known for embracing colour, femininity and maximalism in compositions that mesh abstraction and illustration. I have always found possibilities slightly more interesting than facts. The mystery of being alive never leaves me and the wonder of being on the edge of all that I don’t know leaves me dazzled and curious. All the beauty and all the suffering we live through, all the sunsets and starry skies are contained within. These pieces are portals into wonder and possibility, maybe puzzles that are slightly unsolved. Moving back and forth across the continent pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to grapple with my identity as a mother, an artist and a lover of beauty. My work is an invitation to ponder the question of the value of beauty in this present time with all the conflicts and division and yet, love and possibility."