5 Myths On Art Collecting

Posted by Elizaveta Zhurkovskaya on

📍 Myth 1. You must first have a big budget. Art can be acquired on any budget and if you’re on a tight budget, you could start your collection by buying a small original painting from an emerging artist.

Go Online! Online galleries allow you to easily compare artists, styles and prices. It’s often less daunting than asking for more information at a gallery or during an exhibition. The internet has made buying art more transparent and accessible, especially for new collectors.

📍 Myth 2. You need an art history degree to be a serious collector. Art is emotive, it is designed and created as a form of expression. You didn’t need to have studied art or have any basic knowledge to feel joy or excitement or empathy towards an artwork. We often hear first-time buyers say ‘but I don’t know anything about art’, the beauty is: you don’t have to!

📍 Myth 3. Being an ‘art collector’ means that you have a big collection. We tend to overlook the fact that art collectors, however big or small their collections are, are integral to the ecosystem as a whole - supporting the artists’ career both financially and emotionally no matter the price tag, the true meaning of a conscious collector.

📍 Myth 4. Art collecting is a financial investment. Collecting art for many stems from one deep-rooted connection to a work of art. The same goes for the misconception of needing to collect works only to be from established artists. Collecting art is much more than the image it brings. The conscious collector chooses artworks from a place of connection, love and passion.

📍 Myth 5. You need to see the art in person. More and more collectors are getting comfortable with purchasing online. Remember, the screen doesn’t limit your ability to know whether an artwork is for you or not!

If a connection feels right between you and work, we advise you to be willing to take that risk! It’s important to listen to the works we feel drawn to because they’ll always be representative of how we felt in that moment in time. Your collection is a depiction of your growth and moment in time!


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