Amy Shackleton



Canadian-born Amy Shackleton is a skilled urban landscape painter with an inventive technique embracing gravity. Her background includes a Fine Arts Honours Degree from York University, an extensive exhibition history (e.g. a 2017/18 National Tour exhibiting her 53’ interpretive panorama of Canada), and paintings displayed in hundreds of public and private collections (e.g. THEMUSEUM, Colart Collection, Facebook Canada and the University of Cincinnati).


Inspired by her travels, Shackleton’s work explores the conflicting relationships between humanity and the environment by depicting an uncertain future where cities blend with nature. She draws upon the real-life urgency regarding climate change and uses visual art to question the future direction – be it utopian or apocalyptic. Shackleton’s work references opposing forces – the technique (control vs. spontaneity) and the subject matter (architecture vs. nature). She uses squeeze bottles and gravity as her primary tools for creation. Liquid paint is dripped, poured, and layered as the canvas is rotated to navigate. Whereas the architectural aspects of her work are calculated, measured, and controlled – as they are precise marks of reality – natural elements embody the spontaneous, unpredictable liquid impulse.