Amy Shackleton



Canadian-born Amy Shackleton is a skilled urban landscape painter with an inventive technique embracing gravity. Her background includes a Fine Arts Honours Degree from York University, an extensive exhibition history (e.g. a 2017/18 National Tour exhibiting her 53’ interpretive panorama of Canada), and paintings displayed in hundreds of public and private collections (e.g. THEMUSEUM, Colart Collection, Facebook Canada and the University of Cincinnati).


Shackleton creates imagined urban landscape paintings using drips of liquid acrylic paint. “Drip painting” is considered a form of abstract art. Shackleton proves the opposite is possible. With over a decade of experience, she skillfully rotates her canvas and uses a water spritzer to manipulate the path of each drip. Architectural lines are highly controlled, while natural elements embody the spontaneous liquid impulse. Shackleton’s innovative drip painting technique has earned admiration from millions across the globe.  


"I am always amazed by the originality and creativity of Amy's art. "Drip painting" is an abstract art form was invented and popularized by American artist Jackson Pollock who poured and dripped house paint directly from cans onto the canvas. Like Pollock, Amy controls where the paint goes and it helps her bring lots of texture and depth to her artworks. Amy's practice investigates humans' ecological impact on natural and manufactured landscapes. Through the use of bold colours and unplanned drips and splatters, Amy is proposing a world where cities can co-exist and blend with nature. You can spend hours exploring the tiny details of each piece while imagining the life in a utopian city. If you are looking for the investment piece from a Canadian artist whose work was displayed on a museum level, this is your chance."