Bibiana Hooper

Bibiana Hooper Canadian abstract floral art Kefi Art Gallery


Canadian artist Bibiana Hooper lives in the beautiful Okanagan, British Columbia. She moved with her family from the city a decade ago to live in the country with expansive views of vineyards, orchards, lakes, mountains and sky. As a self-taught artist, she began exploring her skills in 2018 when she joined a collective art gallery. Bibiana's art practice is all about capturing the beauty of flowers and landscapes through a contemporary and poetic brush stroke. Her passion for nature shines through her with the flow and organic elements in everything she creates. Bibiana paints in her home studio and she's also an integral part of the Naramata Art Group. You can find her artwork hanging in galleries and private homes all around the world. 


"I feel my paintings have a language of their own that I cannot explain. When I pick up a paintbrush it’s like Poetry… the brush moves through me with all I have experienced… surrendering to it, anticipating the outcome. I use dark colours to express the struggle and light colours for happiness. They both must exist to create balance. The looseness of the brush strokes and observing the imperfections are in a sense perfect… like poetry on a canvas."


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