Bruno Larue


Bruno Larue is an artist photographer based in the Laurentian region (Québec). He creates painterly abstract images of nature with vivid colors. After studying Nature Science, he decided to realize his dream of exploring Southeast Asia. It was during this trip that he found his passion for photography. Upon his return, he decided to officially set ties with the profession. He settled in Montreal and learned photography in a quasi-autodidactic way. Over the years, he has worked as a photographer in various fields: events, architecture, gastronomy and catalogues.

In the winter of 2014, his career took a new direction when he found himself in front of the monumental works of the painter Jackson Pollock at the MoMA museum in New York. The overwhelming intensity of the paintings inspired his desire to produce more personal photographic images. For the past few years, he has devoted himself to representing nature from a sensory point of view. He deconstructs the form of his images to invite the viewer to discover a mysterious and familiar universe. His work has been presented in various group and solo exhibitions. He has recently collaborated with “Maison & Demeure” and “” magazines, in addition to being the subject of a documentary on the “NousTV” channel. His work is acquired by various private collectors, as well as by the National Assembly of Quebec.

“Photography is a wonderful window onto an elusive reality.”