Dressed Up

“This year a good friend of mine sent me a link to a designer of lingerie, Nensi Dojaki. I was instantly intrigued by her geometric forms and the precision of how they adhered to the contours of the body. Fine mesh and silk created structured asymmetrical lines, while flowing freely and gracefully.

My inspiration grew as I started to experiment with forms, and I found myself indulging my alter-ego; the one that gets dressed up at night to go out on the town. This former New York City girl now lives in the country in California where most places are closed by 5 pm. Measuring the distance between lines to create equal distance between angles made me think in an architectural approach as I built each dress. For some pieces, I preferred not to hold myself to an exact technique, but rather to let the dress materialize in a more unrefined way.

On another level, this work represents the allowance of oneself to shine…to be seen and not to hide. It is my hope that the viewer of this work, makes up their own fun and courageous narrative to go along with it.”
-Robbie Kaye