Fiona Debell




As a 17-year-old, Fiona Debell was discouraged from pursuing an artistic career by an art teacher. She graduated with a BA (Hon’s) in Law and Politics from the University of Wolverhampton in the UK. She worked in a variety of sales and training roles. Her return to painting was born of a foray into an unrelated field back in the 1990s: furniture refinishing. She started buying furniture and began refurbishing them using free sample pots of paint offered up by local paint retailers. People began noticing the pieces displayed at her home and offered to pay her to do similar refinishing work for them. Through this process, she gradually became more confident in her creative abilities, and even taught workshops. In 2016, she made a scary decision to concentrate full-time on her career as a working artist. Having quietly painted and privately sold large abstracts for many years, the ability to be 100 percent dedicated to sharing and selling her art was a natural move.


“I create beautifully, color-filled art for clients across the world. Primarily an abstract artist, I believe in the power of ‘now’ - drawing inspiration from many beautiful daily moments. My art soothes the eye as I direct the viewer to find balance in color, composition, and texture. I hold close to my heritage. Part of that is my love of the pomp and ceremony of the United Kingdom. The rich jewel colors and scale of castles and stately homes were replaced by the stark and shiny reality of a new city. Each fascinating in its own way. The beauty of precious metal, rich fabrics, and the immovable propriety of the upper echelons fascinate me. In 2014 I emigrated to Canada from the UK. As a female creative experiencing an entirely new life, my artistic journey reflects my everyday experience. It is the physical embodiment of my own naivety.“

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