Joanne MacLennan

Joanne MacLennan Canadian artist Kefi Art Gallery


Nova Scotia artist Joanne MacLennan has been an artist her whole life. Raised in both southern and central Alberta, she spent her childhood running through the prickly grasses of the prairies and building rock paths across streams in the Rocky Mountains. She has spent her years observing the stars in the night sky, gazing up at the tallest trees, and marveling at the little birds who use the wide blue sky as their playground. Joanne focuses mainly on the beauty of nature and its surroundings.


“As an artist, I find it captivating to discover techniques that pull the viewer into my work. It is a process that wells up from within me and has a voice of its own. To give that inner voice a platform to speak means that I must show up and be courageous-to work with a new medium or sketch a new subject. This flexibility invites growth and adventure into my creative work each time I enter my studio space. Bold vivid colour speaks life to me. I am drawn to the reddest of reds and the most vibrant of greens My art practice is the way I connect with the world around me and share the joy I experience. The techniques I use to bring attention to the details of texture, colour, space, and contrast, are shaped in a way to draw the viewer in to savour every delicious detail.”

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