Lisa Litowitz


Lisa Litowitz is an artist born in Toronto, Canada. She holds an HBA from the Ivey Business School and was painting casually for over 25 years while working in the fashion industry. Lisa has now returned to her true passion and is devoting herself to her second career as an artist. She has shown her work in several Toronto Group shows and has donated several paintings to charity events.


“What’s my favourite color? I don’t play favourites. I love them all and that’s why they show up in my paintings. The brighter the better. I am an optimist by nature. Out walking, nature’s compositions talk to me. On canvas, surprising colors jump off my palette. I seek to create contemporary landscapes liberated from realism, showing the spectacle of nature and the energy of color. Recently, I have found new freedom in expressing my connection to nature and color with the speed and immediacy of acrylics. Confident, gestural brushwork and exuberant color combinations convey not only what I see, but HOW I FEEL, creating progressively more expressionistic work as I evolve as an artist.”


In all of her beautiful gestural abstracted landscape paintings, Lisa Litowitz blurs the boundaries between representation and abstraction and expresses emotions through bold, sweeping gestures mimicking the energy and rhythm of the natural world. Unlike realistic landscape paintings that aim for detailed depiction, gestural abstracted landscapes invite viewers to interpret the scene through their own emotional lens. Lisa suggests elements of land, sky, and water, but leaves room for imagination to roam freely. Creating gestural abstract landscapes is a deeply personal journey for the artist. It’s about tapping into one’s inner emotions, memories, and experiences of nature, and translating them onto the canvas in a raw and authentic way. All of Lisa Litowitz’s paintings become a reflection of the artist’s connection to the natural world, inviting viewers to connect with their own sense of wonder and awe. 


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