Marta Stares

Marta Stares Canadian Landscape Artist


Marta Stares is an artist and educator interested in painting the outdoors, especially the Northern Ontario landscape. Her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the Toronto area including Ontario Legislative Assembly. After receiving her BFA from OCAD University, Marta has established an art program for young children at York University Daycare and featured children’s work at Gales Gallery. She has worked as an educator at McMichael Canadian Art Collection and Visual Arts Mississauga.


“The inspiration for my work comes from extended canoe and backcountry camping trips in Northern Ontario. Being in the wilderness has a profound effect on my psyche and is directly tied to my wellbeing. In my recent work, I want to capture the feeling of being immersed in a forest that is both strong and fragile - a state that presently echoes my personal life. For me, these forest paintings are a display of strength with dense foliage, sturdy tree trunks and a thriving ecosystem. I hope they also capture fragility with delicate moss, soft light dappling through leaves and the quiet, tender moments that are within us.

find a deep sense of connection to water and land. Exploration by canoe is a delicate yet powerful experience. To put a paddle in the water is to still the mind - a meditative experience so quiet it allows you to tune into the environment - much like dipping a brush into the paint. To put a paddle in the water is to feel exhilarated and energized - the whole body is activated each time the canoe is propelled. To canoe is to engage in an ancient dance - a momentum that can only be achieved through a connection to mind, body, and place.”