Shaina Hardie


Shaina Hardie is an abstract artist residing in Toronto, Ontario. Growing up in the Kawartha Lakes and subsequently moving to the city has had a large impact on her style and chosen subject matter. Her paintings showcase a signature geometric elegance with collections inspired by both the natural and urban landscape. Lakes have always been at the forefront of her life. From the beautifully morphing colors of the sunsets reflecting on the lake, to the mesmerizing movement of water to the silhouettes of the cities in the skies that surround us, S. Hardie is never lacking for inspiration and is always excited to recreate these moments in her own unique manner.


Shaina Hardie’s signature style has been carefully crafted over many years, heavily inspired by Cubism and Impressionism. She enjoys the vast difference in emotions that her work explores when viewed from various distances. Viewed from afar, her pieces evoke a sense of calmness and balance. The complete picture and subject matter are evident as the colors blend together. A nod to impressionism. Mid-range, you begin to experience the geometric lines. The rhythm becomes more apparent as your eyes are drawn throughout the canvas. The artist aims to make the viewer feel inspired and energized... Up close is chaos. A collision of color and lines, layers of paint and texture interacting in a fractional manner. A different emotion entirely.

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