Connie OConnor "In Harmony" abstract painting Canadian Artist
Connie OConnor "In Harmony" abstract painting Canadian Artist in situ
Connie OConnor "In Harmony" abstract painting Canadian Artist
Connie OConnor "In Harmony" abstract painting Canadian Artist in situ

In Harmony, 36" x 36"

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Mixed Media on Canvas.

"Celebrating radiance is a journey through my contemplative abstracts to explore memories, time and stay present. A relationship between the audience and the art is to be fostered by the intuitive feelings and processes of the artist rather than any use of literal representation. Bold brushstrokes, intricate textures, and vibrant colours are intended to enhance the viewer's emotional experience. A line, shape, colour, or even texture has the power to transport the viewer to a place, a time, an event, or an emotion. This painting is created from joyful moments. 

Every moment of our life is interconnected with both the past and the future. Right now, being in the present is the ideal time to celebrate life’s joyful moments. Finishing with a quote by Helen Keller “What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” 

To create my artistic experience, I focus on my intuitive process. My beginnings is to energize the canvas with words: under multiple paint layers are inspiring thoughts, connecting themes, dates, and people’s names. Distinct gestural marks are a favourite of mine; these are made as I work around the canvas. I do not use an easel. While sometimes my canvas might be propped up against a wall, in fact, the majority of the time I paint flat, either on the floor or on a tabletop. Feeling. Intuiting. Sensing. These words encapsulate my work."

Connie O’Connor grew up on a farm in Manitoba: expansive vistas of big blue skies, infinite horizons and colourful gardens influence her art and her vision. As a high school educator, Connie’s creativity shone throughout her career; her favourite course to teach was Fashion & Design. In 2006, a serious illness, breast cancer, was diagnosed. However, cancer paradoxically opened new doors for Connie. Her recovery plan included mindful meditation and an opportunity to take her first acrylic workshop. In December 2016 she entered her first show with the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA). Since then Connie has been in many juried exhibitions with the FCA, other arts councils and local galleries. Recently, her florals and landscapes transitioned into abstracts. The influence of her fashion background is evident in her use of textures, patterns and varied colour palettes. Her intuitive style and inspiring meditative titles draw viewers in. Connie considers it an honour when someone loves her work so much it becomes part of their home.

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